Wednesday Linkorama

  • Why a salad costs more than a Big Mac. Hint: it’s government subsidies.
  • You know, I find it very disturbing when the subject of gay marriage comes up, dingbat “conservatives” immediately start talking about bestiality. There’s something they’re not telling us.
  • I called 2009 the Year in Fantasyland. It’s looking like 2010 may be the year of reality. Certainly the anti-vaccination nonsense is taking body blow after body blow.
  • Paul Krugman gets taken to the woodshed on trade, which is supposed to be his area of expertise.
  • More evidence that defensive medicine is not the myth the lawyers claim it is.
  • Hitch lets loose on the Pope.
  • French TV recreates the Milgram Experiment. News anchors act shocked. Fail to make connection to American embrace of torture.
  • The Social Security “Trust Fund” is now being tapped, a decade ahead of schedule. And we’re supposed to expect healthcare reform to stay within its budget.
  • Horrific story from Ethiopia about how women are raped, abducted and wed, in that order. Fortunately, there’s a rebellion going on among Ethiopian women.