Wednesday Linkorama

  • For some reason, the financial overhaul bill includes regulation of the internet.
  • An absolutely appalling story of prosecutorial misconduct in Puerto Rico.
  • I take it back. When Glenn Beck is the voice of reason, we are really in trouble.
  • Speaking of which, why did people admire Joe Lieberman and John McCain so much?
  • Short-selling, betting on a stock or a bond to fall, is neither illegal nor unethical. It is the way we keep bubbles under control. It may be unpleasant, but if everyone long-sells … well, we saw what happened when the real estate bubble burst. Right now, Congress is criticizing Goldman Sachs for short-selling. Do the idiots in Washington not know that the internet exists and that their hypocrisy will be discovered? Apparently not.
  • 13 things that saved Apollo 13.
  • I am glad to see some holes poked in the Camelot Myth.