Unsung Heroes

I love stories like this from Cracked about unsung heroes who saved the world.

It’s interesting, of course, to see the usual anti-Green-Revolution trolls slamming Norman Borlaug. Apparently, we’d be better off with a billion or two dead people and a lot more wars. It’s amazing how much green bullshit has infiltrated certain minds. The Green Revolution produces more food with less resources that traditional farming. And as a side effect, a more certain food supply has produced declining birth rates.

I’m also glad to see more attention going to Henrietta lacks. Her story is both inspiring and disgraceful. Inspiring in that this woman accidently saved so many lives. Disgraceful in that no credit was ever given to her until recently.

Update: It’s worth linking up two recent articles on farming. Foreign policy points out that Africa is realizing a fraction of their food potential thanks to their reticence to use modern farming and Reason points out a recent study claiming that biotech crops improve the environment.