UK Linkorama

  • What don’t those illegal immigrants come into this country legally? Here’s why? I can confirm this from my own experience getting my wife a green card.
  • It seems like every liberal pet peeve is being shoved into the financial reform bill, from swipe card fees to ATM fees. This bill just screams unintended consequences.
  • Yeah. I won’t be moving back to Texas anytime soon.
  • You know what? I don’t care if Elena Kagan’s senior thesis was a paean to socialism. I’d hate to think about essays I wrote as an undergrad resurfacing. What matters is what she thinks now, almost thirty years later.
  • Once sports were pure, untainted by chemicals. Bullshit.
  • Manipulation of crime stats in New York.
  • I keep asking this question: are politicians aware of this whole internet thing? How on Earth can you go around just making shit up?