More UK Linkorama

Some genuine posts coming up soon, I promise. It’s just hard to concentrate when I’m not sure what time zone I’m in.

  • Sarah Palin (and the Right Wing) continue to just make shit up. This kind of thing makes being a conservative so draining.
  • I am really starting to warm up to the Tory Lib Dem coalition. I think we could see a really nice balance come out of the unlikely alliance.
  • Here’s the thing about Rand Paul saying he would oppose the Civil Rights Act. I think he’s wrong, for reasons stated here and here. But I also think his statement had the potential to open up some interesting discussions. Too bad it’s opening up demagoguery and dumbass cries of racism. And people wonder why politicians never say anything.
  • 2010 is shaping up to be the warmest year on record. Do you think will stop the Right from claiming there has been no warming for the last ten years?
  • Reason and others on denialism. The problem is that the term is so loaded that people get defensive.