Thursday Linkorama

An analysis of just how much seniors are going to rip us off with Medicare and Social Security. Nice to know that the debate in Washington is over who can make this situation worse.

Center for New American Security has, what seems to me, a reasonable plan for getting out of Iraq. Money quote:

Some may suggest the United States should withdraw only when victory is achieved but “there will no American victory in Iraq in the terms defined by the Bush administration,” the report concluded.

I discovered this because Neal Boortz endorsed it. I think this is what the Right is looking for right now. A way to get out while still declaring victory. This report suggests phased withdrawal, timetables, etc. — everything the Right has railed against for years.

Sand may be a greater menace than sharks. Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

Scott Adams gets to the heart of environmental hypocrisy and panic-mongering.

Virginia school has a zero tolerance policy . . . on touching. Ugh.