Thursday Linkorama

Non-political links:

  • Hey, it’s no surprise to me that one of the most religious nations on Earth is also the biggest consumer of porn. What do you expect when every woman in a ten mile radius is covered with the living room drapes?
  • Fecal transplants. No, that’s not a mis-spelling.
  • Yep. Celebrities are stupid. Unless they’re conservative, of course.
  • Political Links:

  • One thing I like about Andrew Napolitano: he’s consistent. A few weeks ago, he blasted Arizona’s immigration law as unconstitutional. Today he said Bush and Cheney should be indicted for committing torture and eavesdropping. I agree. Our treaty obligations say that we must investigate allegations of torture and prosecute those who authorized it. And under our Constitution, a signed treaty has the power of federal law.
  • Radley Balko writes a brave column defending Johannes Mehserle.
  • Yet more reasons I’m glad I left Texas. That’s two cracked links in one linkorama.
  • I already posted on it at the other blog, but this Black Panther business is just ridiculous.
  • So now Google joins Microsoft and Paypal as companies that are getting trust-busted because they wouldn’t play politics.