Sunday Night All Politics Linkorama

  • Dear Mr. Williams. Just go the fuck away. Although I’ll note in passing that the supposedly racist Tea Partiers gave him the boot.
  • You too, mosque protesters.
  • Obama supports tax cuts … for trial lawyers.
  • Here’s the thing. You can provide “free” birth control if you want. I know it’s going to cost quite a bit. But I’m unconvinced it will prevent unwanted pregnancies. It’s not primarily a lack of access that causes them; free condoms are available just about everywhere. It’s a lack of responsibility. And providing birth control for free could even make things worse because people get more reckless when they get free stuff. What are we going to say when thousands of women get their “free” birth control, think they’re bulletproof, don’t use it right and get pregnant? To think we can prevent three million pregnancies by handing out pills at street corners is to indulge in the rankest sort of magical thinking about government.
  • Jesus Christ, are the schools trying to make girls anorexic?
  • Here is how states go off the fiscal rails.
  • Once again … do politicians not know about this internet thing where we can look up what they said just, like, a year ago.
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    1. I’d also note in passing that previously Mr Williams referred to the president as a “Welfare Thug” and an “Indonesian Muslim”. The tea party folks didn’t seem to have a problem with him then.

    2. That’s true, but he was still tolerated. I can only speculate that the Tea Party was getting more from his membership than they thought his racism was costing the group. It wasn’t until the wrote that vile crap that the scales tipped too far to the bigot side and they had to distance themselves from him. This is why noting in passing that they expunged him is essentially irrelevant.

      The NAACP basically said that the Tea Party have vocal racists — not that the Tea Party itself is a racist organization as you implied in the original post — and they need to do more to police this. And there is a guy who appears regularly on CNN representing the Tea Party who previously claimed the president is a “welfare thug” and an “Indonesian Muslim”. It is this same individual who is selected to refute the NAACP. Given this context, I think the NAACP was correct in their concern.

      Personally I’ll take the Tea Party seriously when they make actual proposals towards fiscal accountability. As soon as they list the programs they are willing to cut (which will have to include social security, medicare, and defense) in order to balance the budget and reduce the deficit, then I’ll consider their concern to be more than just frustration that the Republicans are out of power.

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