Boortz On Rauf

How crazy have people gotten over this mosque? Neal Boortz has a rant today in which he accuses Imam Rauf of wanting to … God, I don’t know. Impose Sharia on the country or something. His evidence? The title of Rauf’s book. He hasn’t read the book, of course. And isn’t familiar with anything Rauf has said other than elided quotes the Right Wing is dragging around. But he knows Rauf is an Islamist who is going to subject the entire nation.

I feel like I’ve fallen into an alternate universe. I am shocked with how rapidly the Right Wing (and “libertarian” Boortz) have descended into unthinking shrieking fear and terror.

(Boortz is getting unreadable these days. Every item is some shrieking rant about how Obama is destroying the country. Today’s notes are:

1) Obama is “dismantling” America (screaming hysteria)

2) The Mosque is being built by Islamists (screaming factually-challenged hysteria)

3) School choice (legitimate issue)

4) The pension bailout (legitimate, if unlikely issue)

5) Obama seizing 401ks (screaming hysteria Boortz has been flogging for about 15 years)

Moroever, it’s laced with enormous amounts of angry invective (referring to Obama as “the Community Organizer” instead of the President, for example). It’s tiring to read. How can people wallow n such a morass of anger and hatred? What happened to the movement that was so vibrant and fun when it opposed Clinton?’

Update: Dave Weigel reminds us of the last time this thing erupted. And it was a Democrat driving the hysteria.

Update: So this.