Thursday Linkorama

Non-political Links:

  • My take on this? As in all things in life, it just means that iphone owners are more full of shit than others.
  • Now this is disconcerting. Universities are increasing administration far faster than faculty.
  • Don’t let the door hit you in your bony ass, Dr. Laura. It’s hilarious that someone who has made so much money speaking her ignorant closed mind is now whining about her “First Amendment Rights”. The first amendment does mean you go to say whatever you with no consequences. (PS — Sarah Palin weighs in. Palin/Schlessinger 2012!)
  • Political Links:

  • Be still my beating heart. A federal agency weighs the pros and cons of a mandate.
  • Did Tigger grope women at Disneyworld? Can Tigger grope women?
  • More Krugman debunking.
  • The latest liberal bullshit panic: unpaved roads. This is not atypical. It is routine for politicians to massively ramp up spending and then denounce any pullback as “draconian cuts”. That, at least, is bipartisan. The Republicans refuse to countenance any cuts in our bloated defense budget using the same “logic”.
  • At one point does a series of data become a trend? Germany, despite no stimulus spending, now has a booming economy, something the Keynesians assure is impossible.
  • The whackjob conservapedia site denies relativity.