Aussie Election Night Linkorama

Non-political links:

  • Happy Neptune Day.
  • This is awesome. I plotted the Great Wall of China if it started in State College. H/T to Graphjam, one of the best sites out there.
  • Pencil Art.
  • Political links:

  • Well, that’s one take. Certainly more reasonable than some views, which I would summarize as, “AIEEEE!”
  • A linkorama to a linkorama, specifically Radley’s Balko’s list of other mosques being protested. And more info on the Ground Zero Imam.
  • As predicted, the stupid homebuyer tax credit has resulted in a market crash after being removed. Stay tuned for another wave of foreclosures from being people who shouldn’t have bought houses and wouldn’t have if the feds didn’t pay them to.
  • Turns out the locavores may be full of crap.
  • Remember, it’s politicizing science only when the Republicans do it. In that vein, the Obama Administration shoved a study on gender pay disparities down the memory hole because it disagreed with their agenda. The study may have been wrong, but we’re not supposed to erase studies we don’t like.