Friday Linkorama

  • God, I love Fire Joe Morgan.
  • Remember how the sun is supposed to be causing global warming? Er, not so much.
  • This is outrageous. The music industry is now suing to get money from cover bands.

    Andrus said a friend of his who owned a restaurant that did not feature music was contacted by a company looking to charge him because it owned the rights to a Hank Williams Jr. song, “Are You Ready for Some Football?” The song preceded every “Monday Night Football” telecast, which the restaurant carried on its televisions.

    We need to seriously revisit our copyright laws. And by that, I don’t mean “give the recording industry yet more power”.

  • Continuing in that vein, weep for the death of Net Radio and the pending death of Fair Use.
  • Read this profile of the governor of Alaska. This is the first Republican I’ve read about in twenty years who inspires me — and not just because she’s hot. Know hope.
  • The NYT notes that everyone who is planning to create universal coverage is linking it to “controlling costs”. that’s libspeak for rationing.