More on Genarlow

All right, come on you Republicans. You went nuts over Mike Nifong and the Duke Three. Are you going to get outraged about what’s been going on in the Genarlow Wilson case?

The tape story began in the last legislative session during arguments to make the change in the law retroactive so as to encompass Genarlow Wilson. Senate President Pro Tem Eric Johnson rose in the Senate and delivered a lie-laced speech which included alluding that rape had indeed occurred. A CNN reporter covering the case caught the speech on tape. He then went to D.A. McDade’s office, viewed the tape, spoke to jurors and publicly pantsed Johnson for his fibbing

Read the whole thing. The DA has been circulating a tape of Wilson having sex with a 17-year-old. Technically speaking, this is child pornography (oh the irony!).

Really, what’s the story here? It can’t really be racism, can it? It must be sexual envy. I bet DA McDade didn’t score with any girls when he was in high school, let alone two. Neither did I, but I don’t want to throw anyone in prison over it.

So come on, Hannity. Speak up, Malkin. Let’s hear it, Limbaugh. What that you say, Coulter?

Come on, you fucking “conservatives”. A black man is getting railroaded even worse than the Duke Three. Let’s hear the outrage!

(crickets chirping)

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