Candidates You’ve Never Heard Of

Out in Arizona, Ruth McClung is the Republican nominee for Congress. She’s literally a rocket scientist and, from what I see, seems a reasonable conservative. But you won’t hear about her on the news or in the science blogs that regularly tout any Democrat with a scientific background. Is that because she’s a conservative woman who isn’t batshit insane? One has to wonder, doesn’t one?

Incidentally, while I oppose the Fair Tax, I more bitterly oppose unfair political bullshit. The Republican candidate in my local election is being attacked for supporting the Fair Tax. The ads say he wants to impose a 23% sales tax and eliminate corporate taxes. As I noted on the other site, this in an absolute lie, a calculated deception to frighten voters. The Fair Tax replaced the existing income tax system; it doesn’t ad to it. The ad’s disgusting, but probably what one should expect from one of Murtha’s former operatives.

McClung is being attacked for the Fair Tax as well. There’s only one problem: she doesn’t support it. So the Democrats, in their desperation, are resorting to a lie within a lie.

And people wonder why, while I hate the Republicans, I really fricking hate the Democrats.