Housing Fairness

If you want to see political correctness run amuck, look no further than Fair Housing laws. When we were selling our home, there were selling points we literally couldn’t put in ads because they would “discriminate” against people. Saying a home was “good for a family” discriminated against single people, for example.

I never saw the logic of this. “Good for a family” tells people what kind of home it is. It’s information, not prejudice. And I don’t think any single or childless person would be driven off by those words.

In this case, are people not entitled to limit those with whom they want to live? Yes, it is discriminatory against non-Christians. So what? There shouldn’t be anything in the law that forces me to cohabit with someone I don’t want to, for whatever reason.

It’s one thing to bar discrimination; it’s another to prevent free association and free speech. At what point do you draw the line? According to authorities in Michigan, you draw it as far against freedom as you possibly can.