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Non-Political Links:

  • The list of things we are afraid of but shouldn’t be continues to grow: add Halloween and BPA.
  • Is this political? I shouldn’t think so. I don’t think there’s much politics in thinking it’s disgusting when debt collectors break the law.
  • Political Links:

  • I agree with this rant to some extent. People who say “our country should take care of the poor/sick/infirm/etc” need to explain why we can’t do so with the $6 trillion we’re already spending. In the end, restraint on government spending is going to have to come from the Left (as it did in the 90’s). Because we can’t help people if we’re just burning money to no good end. We have to prioritize.
  • I think Eddie Izzard got it right. California is quickly becoming the Nanny State. Soon they’ll be going to the libraries for a wild time.
  • Charles Johnson describes how he came to view waterboarding as torture and as wrong. My progress was identical.
  • Ooops. This is one of those times, like with the CDCs bullshit obesity statistics, that I wonder if someone made the mistake deliberately in order to get a bogus meme into circulation. How many lefties do you think will site the bogus statistics without correction?
  • More horrors from the CPSIA, one of the stupidest laws to ever pass our Congress. Keep in mind while you read: Mattel, the company that poisoned our toys in the first place, was given a federal waiver to do their own internal testing.