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Think of this as anti-matter to Algore’s stupid movie:

What strikes me about the trailer (and Lomborg’s writing in general) is the sense of optimism: that the world is not ending; that we can solve our environmental problems. This is why I continue to argue the points on climate change: we need to get this policy away from the Left before they do something really stupid.

Note also that Lomborg, long before Climategate, was the target of vicious and personal smear campaigns. Lomborg is not a climate “denier” by any means — he’s just someone who disputes the idea that global warming is necessarily disastrous and that collectivist carbon-rationing solutions are going to help. He has a track record here, dating from The Skeptical Environmentalist, of pointing out that the world isn’t ending, being vilified for it and then proving to be right. On pollution, overpopulation and biodiversity, his skepticism has been proven right and the panic-mongering has been proven wrong. It’s not that these things weren’t problems, it was that they were solvable problems and not nearly as bad as the media led us to believe.

For that, he is literally called the devil incarnate.

Update: Great review here. My favorite bit:

For example, the issue of the declining polar bear population. An Inconvenient Truth would have you believe that this is a direct result of Global Warming. Cool It tells us that the polar bear population stood at around five thousand in 1950 whereas the current polar bear population stands somewhere between twenty and twenty-five thousand. So we are much further ahead today than we were some 60 years ago. He further contends that more bears are shot every year than bears who die from the effects of Global Warming. So if we are so concerned about the polar bear population, we should stop people from shooting bears rather than spending $250 billion on a climate change program that isn’t yielding results.