Weekend Linkorama

I’ll have my year-in-review, year-ahead post soon. Meanwhile…

Non-political links:

  • Oh, Jesus. Someone wants to publish an edition of Huck Fin scrubbed of the racial pejoratives. Here’s a clue, guys. You are not “updating” Twain’s writing, you are censoring it. Mark Twain knew those words were racial pejoratives when he wrote them. That was the entire point.
  • The hysterics win again.
  • Now this is reporting.
  • Political links:

  • From the “Huh, What?” file: conservatives are mocking Obama for re-instituting duck-and-cover drills. Glenn Reynolds points out that these drills are actually a really good idea given the current threats.
  • I have to agree with Allahpundit. The GOP”s threat to not raise the debt ceiling is insanity. It’s crashing the economy for he sake of showing how tough you are instead of making actual tough choices (they’re already weaseling on promised budget cuts). I’m already beginning to worry about the Republicans. And they haven’t been in office more than a day.