Thursday Linkorama

I was posting plenty on the Arizona shooting over at the other site and planned to post some here. But after the President’s great speech last night, I really don’t feel there’s much more to say.

Non-political links:

  • Another home run from Lenore Skenazy. Did I mention her awesome blog is linked to your right?
  • RIP, Dick Winters.
  • This may be the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen.
  • Political Links:

  • Why does it take two years to fire a teacher for branding a student?
  • It would appear that while the ocean plastic issue is a real concern, it has been overblown a bit.
  • Enjoy prison, you rotten corrupt jerk.
  • Are the Keynsians ever right? Nein!
  • Why I Hate Politics: Exhibit 743.