There Goes the Bride

I post this story in part because there’s a good point to debate over — whether someone who gets cold feet should be responsible for the cost of a wedding. I post it in part because you just fucking knew Gloria Allred would be involved with this. I post in part because it links to 13 disastrous weddings.

But I post it mostly because of this:

Dominique Buttitta wanted to get married in style, so she spared no expense on her upcoming nuptials: $30,000 to reserve a banquet hall outside Chicago; $11,000 for flowers and spot lighting; $10,000 for an orchestra; $5,000 on her wedding dress and veil.

Is it just me or does this sound fucking insane? $10,000 was about the cost of my entire wedding. I spent $200 on a string quarter from local high school and another $1000 on a band. Some of these weddings are simply out of control.

Update: And while I’m posting links from, this is why we need a loser-pays system in this country (or at least each of the 50 states).