Sunday Linkorama

Non-political links:

  • Another dispatch from Lenore Skenazy on the over-protection of kids.
  • A UVA study says drunk driving fatalities among college kids are off by a factor of 10. Guess which figure will be cited by the media?
  • An interesting look at how X-rated became synonymous with porn. Our inability to find a workable “adult” movie rating is shameful. Eyes Wide Shut, to cite one example, should not have been edited to get an R. It should have been released as NC-17.
  • Cracked has your movie prequels and your bad logos. The latter reminds me of one of the fundamental indicators of a pending recession: when businesses are changing names and logos, a recession is nigh. Because, apparently, they don’t have anything else to spend their money on. This was primary harbinger of the 2001 recession.
  • I love inventions.
  • Here is a heart-breaking story about soldiers dealing with the trauma of Iraq.
  • Political links:

  • As far as our government is concerned, the only good drug user is a dead drug user.
  • Fox News isn’t the only biased news source.
  • This post argues that forcing people to buy car insurance the way we do is like refusing to let people by pizza by the slice. Of course, with healthcare, we just passed a bill forcing people to buy pizza by the hogshead.
  • Residual casualties of the 80’s/90’s sex abuse hysteria. I defy anyone to read it and not get enraged. Somehow I doubt that Kasich will find the courage to end his absurdity. I can think of very few governors — John Slaton comes to mind — who have that kind of courage.
  • Andrew Breitbart is getting sued over his sliming of Shirley Sherrod. Good for her.