Weekend Linkorama

Non-political links:

  • Ken Jennings on his defeat at the hands of Watson.
  • I wish I’d known these things when I was single. It’s amazing how much of our habits, preference and lives are defined by evolution and our animal nature.
  • With research budgets hurting, UCSF decides to spend $37 million on … bullshit.
  • Political links:

  • When your a libertarian, everyone hates you. It’s the price paid for being right all the time.
  • WTF? Sarah Palin, being one of the few Republicans to outright dismiss the “Obama is a muslim Kenyan” bullshit, has to get back with the crazy by bashing Michele Obama over … breastfeeding. Why? Opining on social issues is something I’m fine with first ladies doing.
  • The racial smears against black conservatives continue.
  • To be fair, Mrs. Clinton is not the only one to engage in this sort of rank hypocrisy. Bush did it too with his “free speech zones”.