The Price Of Inertia

I”m just too lazy to care. It’s just easier to go with the idiots.

I had to renew my subscription to Norton Internet Security today. So far, I’ve been happy with it over three years. I haven’t had any virus or malware problems on my PC since a a few years ago when I erased the hard drive and reinstalled everything. I do wonder if it’s slowing down my machine, as many have alleged and the “will you allow this” pop-ups are annoying as hell. But I use my PC mostly for games anyway. Granted all my financial records are on there, but they are backed up on the mac (This is also intertia since I started keeping financial records on MS Money back in ’97 and am too lazy to move everything to Quicken). Most of my serious computing is reserved for the powerbook on which I am typing this.

So I tried to renew today and the software key I was given when I subscribed two years ago doesn’t work. I have to go online and download new software. There I discover that once I purchase it, I will not be able to redownload after 60 says unless I pay an extra $9.

I’d uninstall and go with something else … except that both Norton and McAfree install malware that prevents you from using a competitor’s product. I have neither the time nor the will to extract NAV from my system and find another product. So I’ll renew it for one more year. Next year, I’ll probably get a new PC anyway and not bother with these guys anymore.

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