My TMQ Moment

One of the reasons I love Tuesday Morning Quarterback, despite the diatribe I will post later tonight, is that I’ve learned a lot about football. Today, Gary Kubiak of the Houston Texans is basically giving the game to the Atlanta Falcons:

  • He asks for a review of the spot on a 4th and short to try to push the Falcons back maybe a foot, so it’s 4th-and-0.5 instead of 4th and inches. Oops, it gets spotted for a first down.
  • On a short goal situation, he has Matt Schaub sprint back ten yards on a rollout, where he almost gets sacked.
  • On 3rd and a foot to the end zone, he calls an outside run for Ron Dayne, who gets stuffed.
  • The Falcons had called a time out, so he gets 3rd and a foot the goal again. Outside pitch to Dayne; fumble nearly recovered by the Falcons.
  • Jeez, Kubiak. Just run up the middle!