What a Weekend!

First, the Day of Upsets. Now the New York Mets complete one of the great collapses in baseball history (or, if you’re an optimist, the Phillies complete a great comeback). And Colorado wins 13 of 14 to force a one-game playoff.

I love baseball.

Here is Derek Jacques proving that he is the exact opposite of a Sports Media Twerp.

It wasn’t the wrong call two weeks ago, to declare that the Rockies’ playoff run was effectively over. It took an unbelievably good stretch of baseball for them to force this tiebreaker. But even though I stand by what I wrote then, I’ll admit that one of the great pleasures of this last week has been the Rockies proving me wrong. Following their games down the stretch has more than justified the expense of my Extra Innings package. Teams defying expectations like this is what makes baseball enjoyable.

So tomorrow, as the Rockies face Jake Peavy in Denver, I’ll be rooting for them to finish the job. Maybe I’ll wind up eating a bit of crow as a result, but I hear it doesn’t taste all that bad.