All Time

ESPN has their list of top 25 all time college football players. I’m assuming Barry Sanders and Red Grange will be 1-2.

Notice something? The list reads like a Heisman ballot. 17 (!!!!) running backs, four quarterbacks. No offensive linemen (John Hannah? Orlando Pace? Nope.). Only four defensive players, if you count Bronko Nagurski, who was also — stop me if you’re heard this — a running back. The other three are Butkus, Green an Woodson (who was also a receiver).

What the hell? This is the best they can do? Their college football experts came up with a list a few drunken fans and google could compile. In fact, google gives me this list, which is compiled by God knows who and includes Deion, John Hannah, Bubba Smith, LT and Dave Rimington in its top 25 (although they have Vince Young at #5, so they aren’t precisely in Earth orbit).

Seriously, folks. What the hell is the sports media’s job. I’m just some guy with a blog and even I would have the sense to put Orlando Pace, easily one of the best college football players I’ve ever seen, in the top 25.