Boortz on Huckabee on AIDS

The Fair Tax Movementarians are so devoted to their silly tax plan that they will fall in line behind anyone who claims to support it. Witness Boortz’ limp defense of Huckabee’s 1992 call for AIDS patients to be quarantined:

We’ll let Huckabee respond to the charges

First, they’re not charges — he said it. Second, he has refused to address the issue and admit he was wrong. I once thought AIDS patients should be quarantined. I was also 16 and uninformed.

So .. what’s the difference? Simple. The reason Huckabee is taking such heat here is that while AIDS has a political constituency, Tuberculosis does not.

It might also have something to do with tuberculosis being spread by casual contact while AIDS is not. Well, that is, unless you believe what the abstinence-only crowd is peddling.