Thursday Linkorama

  • You want to know why Africa is struggling? Because people are unwilling to call out monsters like Robert Mugabe.
  • What the hell is wrong with people? A high school gets locked down because someone broke a mercury thermometer. Eeek! Contaminants!
  • Fresh off the success of banning guns, Britain wants to ban samurai swords. No news yet on whether they want to ban pointy sticks.
  • Police get called out because a teacher is doing karaoke. This panic in public schools over anything and everything is getting out of hand and getting our kids used to being in a State of Terror (which might be the intent). Here in Austin, they evacuated a school because of a ticking sound. Turned out an air-conditioner cover was rattling.
  • Ten media myths about the economy. Anyone who turns to our celebutwit news hosts for knowledge is getting the ignorance they deserve.