The Juice

I’m a huge baseball fan so I’m going to post a few random thoughts about the Mitchell Report:

ESPN’s coverage has been very good. Rob Parker, in particular made an outstanding point that we can’t ban or strip records from players named today, because it implicitly exonerates everyone else. We have to apply the correction to the entire era and have a tougher standard for the HOF. Even the players who weren’t doing it were silent.

Nate Silver has a neat post at BP Unfiltered where he points out that we have a mix of stars and borderline players. This backs up his long contention that the PEDs were mostly used by players trying to become stars rather than stars and the statistical impact may not be very big.

I think people are missing the point of Mitchell’s report. He wasn’t trying to compile a comprehensive list of everyone who did the juice but more looking into how this happened and how it can be stopped.