Tuesday Morning Linkorama

  • Sometimes I want to give a chance to the Democrats. But then their majority leader says something really stupid. Who knew the Founding Fathers liked earmarks?
  • Ewww. OK, it’s clean and tidy. But yesterday, I put my daughter in a box and pushed her around the room like she was in a racing car. She laughed and giggled the whole time, her eyes alight with glee. Can your zombie babies do that?
  • I was never that big a fan of David Mamet and could give a rat’s ass about his politics. But Gutman is right. Hollywood will now find him cliched and sooo 90’s, now that he’s a libertarian.
  • I’m with Bob Barr, who is so much more likable now that’s he’s not in Congress. Seizing cars because they are driven by illegal immigrants is going to ruin a lot of innocent people. I hate seizure laws; hate them.
  • This story, about a man losing his dead wife’s voice mail in an upgrade, is just heartbreaking. I’ve never had that situation, but once, after a breakup, I kept an ex-girlfriend’s last phone message on my machine for a long time (an “I love you” message, not a “go to hell” message).