Weekend Linkorama

  • Numbers in the Dark on gun control. I’m used to the gun-grabbers playing fast and loose with the facts, but it’s getting ridiculous.
  • Is Raoul really reforming Cuba? Some doubts.
  • Pure brilliance from Peggy Noonan on Hillary’s refusal to face reality.
  • Man, I hate the sugar companies. They are the biggest reason I could never be in Congress. The first thing I’d do is call in some of the sugar fat cats, show them a picture of a starving kid in the Philippines or the Dominican Republic and ask them to justify their rich subsidies and import restrictions.

    A friend of mine used to live in Hawaii. He moved out because not only were his property taxes high to account for sugar growers being exempt, the smoke from the burning cane was giving his kids asthma. The sugar companies need to be just taken out and shot. It’s an industry completely dependent on government largesse.

  • Yet another example of why I hate Big Education. Anyone who oppose scholarship for poor kids needs to be drawn and quartered.
  • When I grow up, I want to be a duck-billed platypus.
  • Ah, government. They force you to add something to gasoline. And when it pollutes, you pick up the tab.