Tuesday Night Linkorama

Why does it seem that stuff that interests me on the internet comes in waves? I’ll got three days with nothing to talking about. And there are 1600 articles I want to blog on. I wonder what the specific blog frequency is. Anyway…

  • I’m less sanguine than most about the poll indicating Americans favor economic progress over income redistribution. Most people oppose income redistribution when it’s propose that baldly. But I suspect many people’s idea of stimulating the economy and creating jobs involves taxing the rich and giving money to “families”.
  • Bill Kristol. Does he ever own up to being totally wrong and stupid?
  • A bill is wending its way through Congress that will supposedly stimulate tourism. But it’s really a big pork barrel. Somehow, I don’t think we need to spend a lot of money letting tourists know that America exists.
  • The suit against that dick Dick Grasso has been dropped. It’s nice of the courts to realize that you can’t sue someone for making too much money.
  • Are all those road signs killing us? Somehow, I think so.
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