Mac Attack

Well, money comes and money goes. The day I got two months worth of grant funding, my computer broke. It works, but with the Airport dead, the casing battered, the battery dead, the power cord bent, I just decided to invest my newfound fortune into a Macbook Pro. It came yesterday — I saved about $500 by getting the 2.4 Ghz model off Amazon rather than the 2.5 Ghz model from Apple.

Of course, it was a while before I could enjoy the thing. Before even typing my first letter, I had to:

  • Set up an initial account on OS X 10.4.
  • Transfer over the wife’s stuff, which Mac make ridiculously easy with their migrate utility.
  • Log in as her and transfer my stuff, because it required over-writing my account. I usually, when getting a new computer, prefer to transfer stuff piecemeal. I’m mildly obssessed with computer clutter and hate to transfer over the organic mess of files. I prefer to pick applications, files, folders and leave everything else to be deleted. But Mac’s migration function — plus the intimidation factor of moving 33 GB worth of music and family photos — nixed my little neurotic quirk.
  • Of course, then I needed to download all the 10.4 updates, which required several reboots.
  • Then I upgraded the powerbook to 10.5.
  • Then it was time to download and install all the 10.5 upgrades.
  • Finally, I needed to reinstall iWork and some of my professional applications, which require licensing, etc.
  • All of this was interspersed with the wife poking her head in the door every half hour and starting the following conservation.

    Sue: So how do you like it?

    Me: I’ll let you know when I’m done updating it.

    Sue: Still?

    I eventually went out into the living room to watch John Adams with her while the Mac churned away.

    I finally finished everything after about six hours. And after one day, I’ll just say that it’s sweet. The installed iSight rocks. None of my applications stall or die. I haven’t seen the spinning beach ball of death yet. I’m even enjoying Spaces and Front Row. And it’s nice at work, since it’s a 17″ model and I no longer have to hunch over it.

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