Signs You Are A Dad, Part II

I watch morning TV with my daughter. Correction: morning TV is on. She plays with her toys. I play with my computer.

Sesame Street is a kids’ show, but it’s a good kids’ show. It’s kind of fun to watch it my little girl. And they’re kind of clever, sometimes. Of course, it also has some nostalgia value even though I have no clear memories of watching the show as a kid.

What follow Sesame Street is another story. I’d heard of Barney the purple dinosaur before and assumed that the extreme hostility some feel toward him was exaggerated or some strangely hip thing, like hating the Phantom Menace. I now find that I was wrong. Barney sucks. His show is incredibly annoying. I just want to run onto the stage and start punching those big dinosaurs. I’m hoping very fervently that my daughter feels the same way.

One thought on “Signs You Are A Dad, Part II”

  1. my god!
    that sounds exactly like me and my son!
    except it Noggin on the TV instead of sesame street.

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