Wednesday Night Linkorama

  • This is what happens when you let parents control policy. They were scared kids were going to hurt themselves on play equipment. Now they’re angry because the protective mats get hot. They want the city — I shit you not — to put protective canopies over every playground. It’s only a matter of time until the city fixed on the best solution: demolish all the playgrounds.
  • LA just banned plastic bags from stores. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse pointing out that this is bad for the environment. And some people think we should have the government solve global warming.
  • How lovely. Pointlessly terrorize law-abiding citizens; get decorated for it.
  • Having tobacco regulated by the FDA? Bad idea. What is with politicians that they worship certain agencies so much? The FDA can’t keep up with their current tasks, let along regulating the billions of cigarettes Americans suck on every year. One feels that this is a backdoor attempt to outlaw cigarettes.
  • More commentary on LA’s stupid fast food ban:

    I exaggerate not a bit when I describe the prevailing politics of L.A. to be roughly as follows: Wal-Mart and big box stores = evil, and need to be stopped at all costs. Also, we need more cheap supermarkets! Mom and pop stores need to be defended from Big Corporations, unless they sell fried chicken or used tires, or get in the way of a big development project. We have an affordable housing crisis, which is why we need to raise property taxes, limit the footprint of houses on their lots, and bulldoze thousands of affordable houses to make way for schools that we don’t need!

  • I’ve finally figured out the best way to enforce the DMCA. Ban everything!. Oh, they’re already taking their advice, trying to ban comments. Yes, comments.
  • As a professional astronomer (for the moment), this made me laugh. Well, giggle. Well, grin at least.
  • Obviously, a future Obama voter.
  • One thought on “Wednesday Night Linkorama”

    1. I’m not sure what exactly you were referring to in the Angry Astronomer post, but I thought that he handled the anonymous commenter’s objections rather badly. It seems like he took a belligerent tone from the start and made little attempt to address the genuinely puzzling things about star formation. I can’t fault him too much because, as we all know, arguing with these fools is tiresome at best, but you should either do it right or ignore them. Snapping at them just makes us look bad and deepens their conviction that they are some sort of beleaguered guardians of truth.

      At the very least, he could have addressed the question of angular momentum transport in protostellar disks by citing the excellent work of R.H. Durisen and his collaborators. I hear that Link guy he had on his team back in the ’90s was really something…

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