Monday Morning Linkorama

Ugh, I was up until 4 am working on proposals. So here is my list of Monday links:

  • So your 9/11 conspiracy theory is gibberish? Sue!
  • More Numbers in the Dark. You know that massive crime wave that’s happening? Um, no. Also that study that says men are happier than women? It might just be a noise spike. Always remember that we get our news from people who flunked math and science.
  • You know Media Matters? The organization that loves plucking quotes from guys like Bill O’Reilly out of context? They’re part of the Clinton/Soros Empire. Now the article is complicated and, frankly, a bit paranoid. But you know that if similar ties existed between George Bush and, say, the Swift Boat Vets (oh, wait they do!), everyone would go nuts. I’m curious … how many liberals has Media Matters gone after?
  • Juan Williams has a more coherent defense of O’Reilly. Now look, I’m not fond of Bill O’Reilly. In fact, I don’t like his show at all. But his Sylvia’s comment is being taken completely out of context. It’s fine when The Daily Show does this. That’s a comedy show. But when news organizations do it? Jesus.

    When I saw the segment on The Daily Show, I knew the quote was being taken out of context. Why am I smarter than people who analyze the news for a living? How can a dippy blogger be more attentive to this sort of thing than people getting paid for it?

  • Dick Nixon was an anti-semite. Big surprise. Of course, FDR did little to stop the Holocaust.
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